Mining History of Little Switzerland

The minerals of the Little Switzerland area have attracted interest since the first inhabitants came long ago. Indians have used local mica for ornamentation and grave-sites for untold centuries. Though common here, mica is rare in many places and local Indians traded mica across many states. Discoveries of our local mica in the…

Heriot Clarkson & Little Switzerland in Black & White

"It's so easy to sweep parts of history aside." That's what my niece told me when I revealed to her that I would be writing a local newspaper column about Judge Heriot Clarkson and the making of the town I now live in called Little Switzerland, NC. Cyndi is a Social Psychologist teaching the issues of racism and racial privilege at…

Harriet Morehead Berry and the Professors of Laurel Lane

One of Little Switzerland Founder Judge Heriot Clarkson's close associates in his work as legislative chairman of the North Carolina Good Roads Association was Harriet M. Berry. She was born in Hillsborough in 1877 and worked for the State Geological Survey from 1901. She became acting director of the Good Roads Association in 1917.…

The Parkway in Little Switzerland: Not Always Serene

Looking at how the Blue Ridge Parkway showcases the Little Switzerland peaks, you would think that it was always a "natural" for being located here. Knowing the affection that Little Switzerland residents now hold for the Parkway, you would also think that it was well loved from the beginning.

In fact, nothing could be…

Mile marker 334, Blue Ridge Parkway

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